Guide for Authors

1. The article should have scientific-research content. It is worth mentioning that since the most important scientific-research criterion in terms of this quarterly is novelty and the use of correct methodology, articles will be accepted that have some innovations and new scientific findings compared to the existing ones. This innovation can be in the field of producing and presenting new data, innovative analysis or presenting new theoretical concepts and findings, or applying different methods in the field of economics. Articles that are merely a review of the findings and writings of others will not be accepted in this quarterly.
2. The priority of the scientific-research quarterly is the economic strategy of articles taken from research projects and doctoral dissertations.
3. Each article should begin with a fresh question on one of the topics related to strategic economic issues. The innovation of the question is of particular importance, and explanatory questions that examine the relationship between phenomena or concepts take precedence over purely descriptive questions that seek only to describe a phenomenon or concept.
4. Each article should be written with reference to credible domestic and foreign sources. The multiplicity of credible sources and first of all, especially external sources will add value to the article. The author must prove the validity of his data by specifying the research method in the research articles he has produced.
5. General structure of articles: article title; Abstract; Keyword; Jel classification, introduction; Research problem statement / question / research background; The main body of the article; Results of presenting the output of models, calculations, etc .; Conclusion (suggestion); references; attachments; Article title, abstract and key words and jel classification in English.
6. For the title of jel classification with full code description should be mentioned for example:
JEL classification:
• C45 Neural Networks and Related Topics
• C81 Methodology for Collecting, Estimating, and Organizing Microeconomic Data; Data Access
• J62 Job, Occupational, and Intergenerational Mobility; Promotion
7. The volume of the article should not exceed 20 pages (8000 words).
8. The size of the abstract should be between 150 and 250 words in proportion to the volume of the article and between 5 and 7 words in keywords or phrases.
9. Scientific words and terms and the names of people should be included in the quotation marks only the first time they are used in the text and their English equivalents should be written in footnotes. (Important Note: There is no footnote in the titles and abstract)
10. The use of all content taken from other sources is allowed only by mentioning the source. The citation method is APA [quoted directly in quotation marks "..." and immediately after the quotation, the author's name, year of publication and page number are mentioned in parentheses; (Azimi, 1371, pp. 26-25) and in case of using an external source (Krugman, 2006, PP 135-136). In indirect reference, it is not necessary to quote and mention the page number (Azimi, 1371) and (Krugman, 2006)].
11. General pattern for mentioning the last sources of the article:
• Nili, Massoud. 1997. Iranian Economy, Tehran: Higher Institute for Research in Development Planning.
• Poorahmadi, Hossein. 2011. Feasibility study and the impact of the formation of the Organization of Gas Exporting Countries on the convergence and promotion of security of gas exporting countries. Foreign Relations Quarterly. 3 (4), pp. 7-52.
• Hinkle, L. and P. Montiel (1999). Exchange Rate Misalignment: Concepts and Measurement for Developing Countries, Oxford University Press. New York.
• Zhang, Z. 2001. “Real Exchange Rate Misalignment in China: An Empirical Investigation”, Journal of Comparative Economics, 29, pp. 88-94.
۱۲. In writing the text of the article, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
• Pay attention to the coherence of the text and paragraphing;
• Observe grammatical considerations in sentences and try to write short and clear sentences;
• Numbering the titles of sections and subsections;
• Accurate numbering of relationships and formulas;
• Provide useful and clear descriptions at the top of tables and at the bottom of figures and charts;
• Number tables and figures and charts separately and refer to each table or figure in the text through the relevant number;
• Avoid copying illegible images of references and sources and the need to redesign them by mentioning the exact source below them.
It should be noted that the Strategic Research Institute of the Expediency Discernment Council has an advisory role for policy makers, planners and senior officials of the system; Therefore, the respected authors undertake to submit a policy report extracted from the article or topic related to the title of the article and the specific writing format, if their scientific-research article is accepted. The final edition of the article is subject to the submission of a policy report.
In addition to scholarly articles, articles and policy reports are acceptable that authors can select and upload when submitting an article.

This quarterly follows the memorandum of understanding with Samim Noor system to prevent plagiarism.