Aims and Scope


Becoming a scientific reference to promote economics, to form a society with favorable economic policy and management.



The purpose of publishing the scientific-research quarterly of economic strategy is to lay the groundwork for research on strategic issues of economics, especially issues related to the Iranian economy, and to raise the level of scientific knowledge of senior managers, planners and policy makers.

The following objectives:

• Achieving the goals of the vision document, especially achieving the first economic position of the region

• Achieving the goals of five-year plans such as improving the business environment, increasing productivity, increasing investment, reducing unemployment and ...


Article axes:

• Designing and explaining the Islamic-Iranian model of progress

• Economic prosperity along with the establishment of justice

• Institutional reforms in various economic fields

• Strategies for implementing general economic policies, especially general policies, Article 44

• Governance issues in the economic field (transnational)

• Investigating the institutional position of the Central Bank in the monetary system of Iran, monetary and regulatory reforms

• Review, evaluate and analyze the effects of economic policies on economic growth, unemployment, inflation, exchange rates, bank profits and provide appropriate strategies

• Review, evaluate and analyze the effects of economic policies on sectoral policies and provide appropriate strategies

• The role of government in Iran's economy and economic policies to reduce the economy's dependence on oil revenues

The role of the private sector in economic activities through investment and improving the productivity of the factors of production

• Optimal use of oil revenues (National Development Fund) in ensuring sustainable economic growth