The Effect of Space Technology on Global Economy and Strategic Developments


Technology, and particularly space technology, helps countries in their competition for achieving geo-economic advantage, which in turn enables governments to define their influence zone. Space technologies composed of communication, information, reconnaissance and remote sensing, are drivers of economic development. This paper deals with economic impacts of space technology in stabilizing and development of national power. To examine this view, hypothesis of this article is formulated as: “Members of international community, with a rational cost-benefit approach, have locations and areas under their surveillance and using space technology facilitates this. For the analysis, the hypothesis -in the form of three questions- was distributed among sampled statistical community of experts to find its validity and accuracy. The questionnaire was confirmed by the mentioned community.; Type of the survey is fundamental and it employs a descriptive method. Results show that space technology is a driver of strategic changes, especially with economic effects, leading to power projection in geo-political, geo-economical and geo-strategic environments. Hence, examples of positive impacts of space technology on global economy are: welfare development, facilitation of human’s life, facilitating management of human societies and providing solutions and remedies for disasters ;