Keywords = Inflation
The effect of central bank independency and policy targeting on inflation control in developing countries

Volume 10, Issue 39, February 2022, Pages 753-779

amir gholami; Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi; fatemeh pourghobadi

The effects of exchange rate shocks on output gap and inflation in Iran: a DSGE Approach

Volume 9, Issue 35, November 2020, Pages 263-292

Hosseinali Rajaee; Seyed Abdolmajid Jalee Esfandabadi; Mohsen Zayanderoody

Investigating the effect of electronic banking on selected macroeconomic variables in Iran with a system dynamics approach

Volume 9, Issue 34, October 2020, Pages 5-39

Ahmad salah manesh; Abdul Majid Ahangari; Rassam Moshrefi; ahmad Dehghani Ahmad Abad

The Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Shocks in Iran: A Hybrid Idetification Approach for SVAR Model with Emphasis of the Effects Timing

Volume 8, Issue 31, January 2020, Pages 43-77

Teymour Mohammadi; Saeedeh Sadat Mazhari Moosavi; Abbas Shakeri; Hamid Reza Arbab

Policy making after sanction relief: policy analysis by DSGE approach

Volume 7, Issue 24, July 2018, Pages 5-33

meysam khosravi; mahdi khoshkhooy

Comparative Analysis of the Economic Effects of the Compound and Simple Discounting

Volume 6, Issue 21, July 2017, Pages 119-134

Seyyed Ehsan Askari; Seyyed Aqil Hoseiny