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Participatory Governance: Institutions, and Economic Tools

Volume 12, Issue 44, April 2023


Seyed Mohsen Mirbagheri; Ata Ollah Rafiei Atani

Investigating the Impact of Terrorism on Tourism in Selected Cuntries: Dynamic Panel Data Approach

Volume 11, Issue 43, January 2023


mehdi shirafkan lamsoo; Jafar Ghaderi; ammar hosein zehi; hoseein askaripoor

The Impact of Political, Financial and Economic Risk on Economic Growth: Evidence from Iran's Economy.

Volume 11, Issue 42, October 2022, Pages 85-108


Hadi Keshavarz; Ramezan hosseinzadeh; Masumeh gharanjik

Construction a Monthly Index for Sanctions Against Iran

Volume 10, Issue 38, November 2021, Pages 565-593

mohamad noferesti